Slide The app that saves lives, time, and money MakeItFast

The app that saves lives, time, and money!

An advanced way to manage your Mooring System Management Plan in a digital way.

MakeItFast is a mooring equipment monitoring application with the main goal to provide easy line selection and line monitoring solution together with smooth follow up on the condition of the equipment reflected in reports and push notification reminders of inspections to be in compliance with MEG4 and Industry set rules.

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One solution that works on all devices

Smartphone, tablet or computer, entirely providing on scene information making the entire team to be in one page either on board and on shore.

  • Appropriate equipment arrangement compatibility
  • Control equipment inventory
  • Manage inspections
  • Undergo precise mooring line hour monitoring tool
  • Possess full statistics and history of equipment usage
  • Hold all related documentation in one place

Core Values


Pursuit of Excellence. Deliver effective and efficient solutions on time, based on smart
strategy and clear-eyed attitude.

Grow Business

As your partner we are interested in growing your business- when your business
grow, we will grow with you.


We listen and deliver solutions with hard work, integrity, reliability and


Satisfied client means wealthy crew.


We establish long time relations with our clients.


We follow and take care of global maritime standards.


Pioneer spirit with youthful zeal.


“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.”

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An app that saves lives, time, and money!

Our Mission

In the Maritime Industry, there is no place for mistakes as this can lead to accidents, loss of money and time.

Quality drives to perfection, we combine extremely qualified experts from different sectors to help improve the maritime industry with digital, simple yet innovative solutions. This is implemented in a strategy that is shared throughout a company, so involved personnel is on the same page. MakeItFast connects crew to the impact of their work and owners, operators ensure that important tasks and data gets seen and acted on.

Because we know live/time/money matters.

Our Vision

We provide the best solutions for vessels that are working worldwide, meaning we are providing quality service across the Globe with a vision of becoming the most trusted and professionally managed brand – a leader in delivering cost-effective digital solutions for managing risk and improving safety and assets performance for ships.

At MakeItFast we offer high-quality solutions armed with innovative ideas to provide the utmost value for our clients to achieve their safety, business objectives.

MakeItFast to be the first choice for your moorings if the high quality and safety of your crew is your target.


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An app that saves lives, time, and money.

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